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      Space triangle reticulated shell technology


      The triangular reticulated shell structure of the top cover of the large-scale storage tank is divided into: KT type and joint square type grid, short-range line type grid, triangle type and sunflower type grid.


      I. Various node forms of net shell:


      The node form of the spatial triangle mesh shell structure is divided into : the end of the rod is made of a set of bolt holes and the plate node is made of steel or aluminum plate, or the socket type hub made by welding the steel casting and the rod. node


      The characteristics of the triangular reticulated shell are:


      1.Three-way power transmission in space, with good stability, the structure itself has automatic forming and automatic rounding functions, which better control the installation quality and forming degree.


      2. parts factory achieved, standardized production, all parts by mass, plus work by dedicated precision tooling templates and to ensure, the parts   processing quality, high precision.


      3. The on-site construction is convenient, fast and efficient, basically no welding, which can save a lot of on-site construction period and basically realize the construction without moving fire , without any large lifting equipment.


      II. The personality of steel mesh shell:


      The steel mesh shell is generally suitable for occasions where the storage medium has relatively slight corrosion of carbon steel. On the contrary, the steel mesh shell must be treated with anticorrosion. Domestic and foreign steel mesh shells are mainly used for the top cover of various storage tanks. It has the following characteristics:


      1.The top cover of the storage tank is composed of a reticulated shell and a top plate. The reticulated shell is used as a force-bearing member of the top cover, and the top cover plate (skin) is only used as a sealing member. Weight, the top cover plate is laid on the grid rods arranged in a triangle, and at the same time, a rod supporting point is added to the middle of each triangular rod, and the net shell is not welded. Therefore, the roof construction is convenient, and the appearance curve is smooth and beautiful.


      2.The structure is light in weight , and the material saving rate of the reticulated shell top cover of the storage tank with a diameter of 30m or more is 20 % to 50 % than that of the conventional plate rib structure. The larger the tank diameter, the more material saving, which has obvious economic benefits.


      3.The steel mesh shell is connected with the inverted channel steel on the wall of the storage tank, which increases the wind resistance of the top tank wall.


      4.The oil tank attachment on the top cover of the steel mesh shell is placed in the triangular grid of the mesh shell ( if it collides with the rod of the mesh shell, it will be offset accordingly ) .


      5.The steel reticulated shell structure can ensure that the top cover and the reticulated shell of the storage tank are not welded in the accident state, and the top cover structure is not damaged. Only the damaged part of the top plate needs to be repaired locally, so the repair is convenient.


      III . Aluminum mesh shell personality:


      The aluminum alloy material selected for the aluminum reticulated shell is characterized by light weight and corrosion resistance. Therefore, in addition to the wide application of aluminum alloy in building structures, European and American countries use aluminum alloy reticulated shells in large quantities for the top covers of storage tanks, wastewater treatment tanks and silos that have a strong corrosive environment for steel. It has the following characteristics:


      1.After the aluminum alloy reticulated shell and aluminum alloy top cover are adopted, the structural weight is greatly reduced, and the load-bearing capacity of the tank, pool and its foundation is correspondingly reduced. For example , the aluminum top cover with a diameter of 30-60m is 1/4~1/9 of the weight of the steel mesh shell top cover .


      2.The aluminum alloy material has good corrosion resistance, so the aluminum reticulated shell top cover does not need to be anti-corrosive treatment on the top cover part, which saves anti-corrosion costs and indirect engineering costs. There is no need for maintenance during the entire service life, saving a lot of inspection and maintenance costs.


      3.The radiant heat reflected by aluminum can reach 95% , so when the aluminum alloy reticulated shell top cover is used on the dome tank, the volatilization loss of volatile media can be reduced.


      4.The strength of aluminum alloy material increases at low temperature than at room temperature. It is an ideal material under low temperature conditions. Therefore, after the use of aluminum mesh shell and roof, the insulation material added to prevent the material from low temperature brittleness can be omitted during the entire service life. And expenses.


      5.After using aluminum alloy reticulated shell and top plate, the accessories set on the top of the oil tank, such as: platform, escalator, light hole, oil measuring hole, column passing device, etc., can also be changed to aluminum alloy material accordingly, and designed synchronously with the reticulated shell , Production.


      6.The aluminum alloy top cover is connected to the inverted channel steel on the tank wall through the transition of the stainless steel support on the mesh shell. The special sealing structure ensures the sealing connection of aluminum and steel, and also increases the stability of the tank wall.


      7.When the aluminum mesh shell is used in construction, it can be designed and manufactured according to the technical parameters and requirements provided by the actual project.


      8.The triangular aluminum reticulated shell has the common characteristics of the above reticulated shells, but also has its safety:


      1 ) . High safety factor and reasonable structure. The above figure shows that in a triangular grid, the aluminum skin carried 15 people without any problems.


      2 ) . Reticulated shell aluminum cover skin both gravity bearing, and also due to release the pressure inside the first super-local damage, the overall configuration can effectively protect the top web and tank shell are unaffected.


      3 ) . Long service life . The aluminum reticulated shells that have been built abroad for nearly 30 years are still in safe use. I plant diameter [phi] 60 aluminum mesh shell also has been running for many years.

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