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      Groined Structure Floating Plates

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      Groined Structure Floating Plates

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      Aluminum floating plate


      Introduction to the main device structure of BZLP- I floating plate

      1. Connection form of upper and lower clamp beams and skin: The main beam is composed of upper and lower clamp beams, the upper clamp beam is a convex arc surface, the lower clamp beam is a concave arc surface, and there are fine water lines on the arc surface, two concave and convex arcs The surface can tightly compress the skin, and the water lines have a better sealing effect. The main beam has high strength and good rigidity.

      2. Edge plate structure: The strength and rigidity of the edge plate structure using extruded profiles are enhanced, and the appearance is more beautiful.

      3. Floating plate manhole device: The humanized design adds a manhole escalator to the manhole device. When the floating plate is installed and maintained during inspection, it provides safe and convenient services for installation and maintenance personnel to enter and exit.

      4. Column device: Play the role of supporting the entire floating disk when the floating disk is lowered to the lowest point or during maintenance, so the column device is required to have good strength and stability. The floating plate column is divided into a fixed column and an adjustable column. The adjustable column can set the minimum working height of the floating plate to 900mm and the upper limit height of 1800mm during installation and maintenance. The fixed column generally sets the height of the floating plate to 1800mm,

      5. Anti-rotation device: This device prevents the floating plate from rotating during the lifting operation, so as to ensure that the position of the attachment on the top of the tank does not shift from the position of the attachment on the floating plate.

      6. Negative pressure elimination device: Since the floating disk is set at the lowest lower position by the column, when the storage medium is lower than the lowest limit, negative pressure will occur, which will damage the floating disk. The negative pressure elimination device is an accessory set to avoid the occurrence of negative pressure.

      7. Sampling device: In order to facilitate the random sampling of the storage medium of the oil tank.

      8. Column passing device: The column passing device is used when there are columns such as a dipstick in the oil tank passing the floating plate.

      9. Electrostatic discharge device: The electrostatic wire adopts copper wire or stainless steel wire rope (depending on the storage medium of the oil tank and user requirements). Equal to (10) Ω or less.

      10. Steel belt passing device: It is set for the oil tank liquid level using a mechanical positioner. The height of the oil tank liquid level can be observed by the lifting and lowering of the pontoon of the steel belt instrument and the measuring rule outside the tank wall.

      11. Floating plate secondary sealing device: The secondary sealing is added on the basis of the primary sealing, and it controls the oil and gas leaked by the primary sealing within the secondary sealing. If tongue tape is used for the primary seal, bladder tape should be used for the secondary seal.


      Introduction to the structure of BZLP—Ⅱ floating plate device

      a. The upper and lower clamping beams, floating pipes, and reinforcing beams of Type II floating plate are evenly distributed in a triangular shape.

      b. The connection between the main beam and the skin adopts a "full-sealed" structure. The connection between the main beam and the skin is usually completed by bolts penetrating the upper and lower beams and the skin, and the perforation will cause a certain degree of leakage. The perforation is changed to a blind hole connection, and all self-positioning and fixed self-tapping bolts are used to avoid a large number of "bolt points" leakage. This structure basically meets the requirements of "full sealing" and improves the overall sealing effect of the floating disk.


      Introduction to the structure of BZLP—Ⅲ floating plate device

      Type III floating disk is a reinforced floating disk, which is different from type II structure in that it is designed with a reinforced edge area composed of two inner and outer edge plates. The main beams in the edge area are arranged radially, and the floating pipes are arranged in a "eight" shape. The inner and outer edge plates of the columns are evenly distributed in the circumferential direction. The density of their arrangement is higher than that in the middle area, which solves the problem of the radial and vertical directions of the floating disk edge area. The force is large and uneven, which causes large deformations in the plane and circumferential direction of the floating disk, which affects the sealing performance and smooth operation of the floating disk.

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