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      Heater Welding Debugging

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      Heater Welding Debugging

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      The biggest feature of BSJRQ new type non-water-hammer storage tank energy-saving heater is that there will be no water impact in the heating pipe during the heating and heat preservation operation of the storage tank, so as to avoid the damage of the heater under the action of water impact, so it will not cause tank The internal oil product "bumps" caused by the leakage of the heating pipe, which is a safe and energy-saving storage tank heater. Compared with conventional heaters, due to its unique design, it has the characteristics of high thermal energy utilization, fast heating, safety and low water hammer noise. After use, the effect is remarkable.



      1. The new type of non-water hammer energy-saving heater can fully utilize the steam heat in the heater: that is, all the steam passing through the heater is discharged as condensed water, making full use of the sensible heat and latent heat of the steam. Under the same process conditions, it can save 30-50% of steam consumption compared with conventional heaters. Because there is no steam in the discharged condensate, there is no need to configure a steam trap at the heater outlet, which has high thermal efficiency and outstanding economic benefits.

      2. The condensed water can be separated in time in the steam heating tube, which improves the heat transfer coefficient of the heater, speeds up the heating speed, avoids water hammer, and reduces water hammer noise. The heating speed and service life of the heater are increased by more than 2 times. Save a lot of maintenance costs.

      3. Compared with the conventional heater, when the heating area is the same, the heater occupies a small space in the tank, which increases the flat space in the tank

      The passage is spacious, and the maintenance operation is safer and more convenient.

      4. Simple structure, factory prefabrication, quick installation, stable quality, and also reduce the workload and uncertainty of on-site construction. New type no

      Water shock energy-saving heaters are suitable for new storage tanks and replacement of old tank heaters in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, oil depots that store crude oil, heavy oil, residual oil, wax oil and other heavy component oils.

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