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      Company Profile

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      Shanghai baoshan petroleum machinery factory

      Shanghai baoshan petroleum machinery factory established in July 1991, with registered capital of 5 million RMB, the current funds is 10.11 million yuan. The production scale and economic benefit are in steady growth period, of China petrochemical corporation, China and natural gas corporation specialized in the production of oil refining industry designated DingDianChang accessories.

      Since founded the factory, in line with "always one step ahead" business ideas, and has all the country petroleum chemical industry enterprises and the petroleum chemical design the business development, a series of new technology at home and abroad will be used in oil refining industry accessories production. Today, our factory has set up a file in the oil refining industry in the industry establish the accessories production lead. The main products are: BLWQ aluminum dome, BSWQ steel nets shell, a, the second sealing, BZLP fabricated aluminum float dish, BSWJ steel ball node rack, ZFQ-1 all-weather explosion-proof resistance fire breathing valve and all kinds of series flame arrester, the respiration valve, a tank accessories, etc.


      Shanghai baoshan petroleum machinery factory

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